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Big Bud Feminized

About big bud feminized

Big bud feminized seeds is a combination from Netherlands x Afghani.  It is popularly known for its big buds and is a well-known marijuana strain available in the market. It is an indica dominant strain. It has many medicinal uses that people are unaware of. High Supplies stores are hot favorite in UK for these seeds.

Physical qualities 

High Supplies provide only the best. As indica, they have a very musty and dank smell, which is very strong and can be smelt even from a distance. It has a yielding capacity of 600-900 grams per square meter. It is necessary to have high quality seeds to get this much production, is one of the most trusted site for providing best quality seeds and strains.

The most famous property of Big Bud feminized is that the buds grow into big heavy cola shaped monsters covered with sticky crystals from head to toe.
The buds can get so thick and heavy that they need support to avoid breaking the branches.
Big Bud is Indica dominant and has great wide growing leaves, ideal for soaking up the sun what will result in such a beautiful growing strong plant.
The Indica properties can be recognized not only by the shape of the leaves but also the high amount of THC and the numbing CBD is a pure give away.
The effect you get from smoking the fresh sweet smelling buds can be called heavy stoned and keeps you in a couch-lock for quite a long time.
Because of this effect she is also suitable for medicinal usage for patients suffering from insomnia or stress.
She is low maintenance but because of the dense structure of leaves and buds it is wise to check for mould regularly.
All together a great plant with high yield and great effects.

Known for winning the Cannabis Cup 89, Big Bud strain is undoubtedly a worldwide classic and has a great reputation for generating high yields, which was the main purpose of creating this strain. The feminized version of this variety has further been stabilized for improving yield and consistency. 

High Bud to Low Leaf Ratio

Big Bud feminized grows heavy, big buds with a high bud to low leaf ratio. The branches grow very thick filled with buds such that their weight may even break the branches if not supported properly. The production of resin is prolific, including on the flower clusters’ inner surfaces, thus contributing for a strong physical stone that gets brightened by Skunk’s sativa ancestors’ high. 

The skunk heritage is ideal for improving her vigor and bulk, influencing her long-lasting, smooth high. The flavor also shows this, providing a faint but certain hint of sugariness to the classic musky, herbal taste and odor of this variety on a classic.  

This popular cannabis variety has been bred to give unbelievably heavy yields without any kind of compromise in terms of quality, though its takes some time to finish. The extra time that you spend before harvesting definitely pays off. 

Salient Features 

85% indica, 15% sativa

Grows from short to medium heights

Flowering period of eight to nine weeks

Harvest month: Late October outdoors

Yields 500 – 650 grams per square-meter

Great for commercial cultivation due to the extremely high yield 

It you are looking for marijuana seeds that can provide super-size harvest and something that is also easy to cultivate and maintain at the same time, Big Bud Feminized can be a fantastic choice.


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