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Early Misty Feminized

About early misty feminized

Early Misty feminized seeds are comparable to White Widow though they grow and start their blooming period much sooner than White Widow because of the crossing of Misty with an Early Skunk.
Ideal for growing in limited space or on your balcony and perfect if you live in a country that has a colder climate.
The leaves grow Indica-style, big and wide so they can soak up each needed sunray to help develop reasonable big buds which grow mostly towards one stem.
The buds have a light green colour with a subtle layer of resin; they grow thick and dense what gives them a fluffy look.
Smoking the properly dried buds give a subtle taste of coffee mixed with a lovely smell of hash.

The strain of early misty feminized seeds is known as the sibling of the White Widow cannabis seed. So if you have grown the White Widow, you can consider yourself experienced for growing Early Misty cannabis. 

One of the Earliest-Known Cannabis Strains

Like the White Widow, the Early Misty also matures early and has a high ability to flower quickly. This variety is one of the earliest known strains of cannabis seeds. It is basically a hybrid between Misty and a strong outdoor variety like the skunk marijuana. It is supposed to be one of the strongest outdoor cannabis varieties. 

This plant is a small (grows to a height of 70 centimetres) and a single stemmed one that is mostly suited for cultivation outdoors. It usually grows quite low and its leaves are very wide. A hardy strain, it can tolerate very low temperatures and also resist all kinds of pest attacks. 

The Distinct Aroma of Coffee

The aroma of the plant has a distinct coffee flavour making it a favourite of coffee lovers; but the coffee flavour is let out only when it is cured properly. It gives a relaxing body buzz that is pleasantly heavy. The body high is rather calming which is one of the traits that smokers eagerly look for. Apart from the mostly relaxing buzz, it can also have a mixed buzz that is accompanied with a huge portion of body stone with negligible paranoia. 

The THC level of this strain is quite high, and they range usually between 15% and 20%. The yield is moderate high, about 400 grams a square metre. It is generally harvested in the month of September. The flowering period is generally 7 to 8 weeks, making it a fantastic choice for first time growers.

Early Misty cannabis can be bestgrown outdoors. They thrive best in European climates and are great choice for growing in a terrace garden or your very own balcony!


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