Early Special Feminized




Early Special Feminized

About early special feminized

This Early Special can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, indoors has a positive side because of the constant conditions of light and temperature, this way the yield will always be higher.
Outdoors isn’t a problem as well because Early Special is a very strong kind that is very disease and mould resistant and is able to withstand various types of weather conditions.
When she is in her blooming phase the fruity musk smell is undeniable thanks to the Skunk and Afghan genetics and the taste stays spicy sweet when you smoke the well dried buds.
Consuming Early Special’s tasty buds will get you in a very comfortable state of highness that gives your brains room to float on.

Early Special feminized hybrid, as its name indicates, is an early bloomer that flowers really quickly, which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. It is highly vigorous in its growth and blooming stages, making it resistant to diseases, and a very tough plant. Due to this, it is one of the earliest flowering marijuana strains to be considered by beginners.

Hybrid between Skunk, Afghan and Siberian Ruderalis

Early Special feminized is a cross between Skunk, Afghan and Siberian Ruderalis with really strong genetics. During its blooming phase, the musky, fruity odor radiated by the Early Special, smells really great, which basically comes from its Afghan and Skunk genetics… Smoking the well-dried buds of this variety gives a taste that remains spicy sweet and smooth. 

Grow It Indoors

Further, its fruity and pungent taste is strong when consumed, but pretty subtle during blooming. It is highly suitable to be grown indoors as it gives the best results because of constant temperature and light conditions due to which the yield is also higher. Outdoor cultivation is also easier due to its mould and disease resistant properties. Further, it can endure different weather conditions as well. 

Get the Feel of Flying in the Air!

Consuming the buds of Early Special feminized will leave the smoker in a highly comfortable stage of highness with a floating effect, giving the illusion of being able to fly! Early Special feminized is a highly good bargain if you are looking for strong genetics that can be suitable even for a less experienced cultivator. 

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