Four Way Specials Feminized




Four Way Specials Feminized

About four way specials feminized

This type of cannabis plant contains the best properties from each variety,
Indica, Sativa, Skunk and Ruderalis properties formed this plant into ideal specie that handles stress and disease very well.
Striking is the perfect balance between taste and effect which is well known by all growers who already had the pleasure of growing Four Way Specials.
Because Indica properties are dominant she won’t grow very tall and has a short blooming period which comes in handy if you germinated late or when weather conditions start to change for the worse.
Four Way Specials tastes quite neutral with an earthy spice flavour at the end of the flowering phase.
The effect from consuming the dried buds is also a mixture of Sativa and indica, a perfect high interspersed with a heavy stoned feeling.

These types of feminized cannabis plants have the best properties from different varieties. Our Four Way Special feminized seeds have properties of Indica, Skunk, Sativa and Ruderallis making these plants into strong ones that can handle diseases and stress on their own.  

We’re One Among the Pioneers to Offer Such Seeds

Striking the perfect balance of all in Four Way Special feminized seeds is the only way to come up with some fine products. Very few cannabis growers have mastered the art of giving the best of these products and we happen to be one of them. 

After being reintroduced in the cannabis market back in 1995, it continued to become a favorite strain amongst the growers and the smokers. Cannabis growers, who want to grow the strains that are known to offer outstanding appearance and taste along with the sharpness of the finest Indicas in the market, prefer our Four Way Special feminized seeds as they offer the best of all worlds. 

Short Indica Appearance

These usually have an Indica appearance, with short plants and bushy but medium sized big leaves. You get a mild smoke along with one of the most amazingly tasty buds. The best part of these plants is that they work well with almost all types of growing methods. Being a resistant plant the amount of yield it offers is always towards the bigger side never disappointing its growers. 


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