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Hollands Hope Feminized

About hollands hope feminized

Hollands Hope was developed because there hardly was a strain that could resist cold or moist weather as much as we hoped for and sometimes need in a country such as the Netherlands. Hollands Hope grows very well indoors but is really strong enough to survive a last colder period of the outdoor season. She is a pure Indica strain with all its typical characteristics like big wide growing leaves and a shorter flower period than Sativa kinds. Also she provides a heavy yield and very strong effect due to a great level of THC as well as CBD. Hollands Hope has its own distinct flavour and tastes like a mixture of sweetness, burned wood and earth. The effect you get from smoking the buds is very heavy and keeps you in one place for a certain amount of time.

Our Hollands Hope feminized seeds are the direct descendants of the legendary seeds of the same name. Yes Hollands Hope has always been a legend for decades together and with our feminized version you get the same quality that you expect from a strain of such stature. It is an Indica dominant strain, thus carries all the hardcore characteristics of Indica. They couch-lock strains are mould and disease resistant and growers just love them for the same reason. 

Great Capability to Resist Mold Attacks 

Hollands Hope was originally developed because there wasn’t any other strain that could resist moist or cold conditions such as the ones seen in the Netherlands. These seeds are excellent for growing indoors but are also tough enough to take on the harshest and coldest climates outdoors. 

Being an Indica-dominant seed, it features huge leave that grow wide and they have a much shorter blooming period compared to Sativa dominant strains. Thanks to high levels of CBD and THC they offer very strong effects and big yields towards the end of harvesting. 

Woody Flavor and

These seeds have their very own distinct flavor that is mixture of burned wood, earth and sweetness. Smokers medicating on Hollands Hope feminized seeds will get a strong cerebral hit that can make them a couch potato for some time, post which a relaxing feeling takes over the body, and lets them enjoy the high!


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