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Nebula CBD Feminized

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Nebula CBD Feminized Seeds
The result of CBD Crew and Paradise Seeds was a brand new seed called Nebula II CBD Cannabis. Marijuana plants that are high in CBD are recognized all around the world as one of the best options for use regarding medicinal purposes. To be more specific, the equal ration of CBD: THC is the desired output of this.
The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol and the full form of THC is TetraHydroCannabinol. These are cannabinoids found in cannabis. Earlier it was known that cannabis has THC, but with more and more cbd research done on cannabis it was found that cannabis also has CBD. The main point of these is that THC is the drug that gets you high when smoking weed and CBD doesn’t. The perfect proportion of both of them makes the cannabis strain really strong.

With a CBD: THC ratio of about 1:1, Nebula II has been developed keeping cbd use in mind. This plant would typically form a sativa shape with multiple kolas and lateral branching. The difference between the other larger sativas and Nebula II is that Nebula II is shorter in height. Nebula II exceeds two feet very rarely. The buds of this plant are fragrant and large. This resembles the original Nebula seed. Even the heavy frosting is very similar to Nebula.

This Nebula II CBD marijuana is not just for the users who use it for cbd use. She gives a very relaxing and mild effect, which is extremely ideal and pleasant for daytime toking. Nebula II is a great choice for all the vaporizer users as well because of this plant’s fruity and honeyed sweet taste, which is very appetizing.

The strains having CBD are making quite a stir on the scene of cbd marijuana. Nebula II marijuana is rightfully at the top amongst the best of the strains.
Because of the sativa dominance of the plant, Nebula CBD II grows dynamically into the plants that have main stem cola and side branches with fragrant buds, which are large, and resembles the THC-rich classic Nebula. This particular fact is also true for the output of resin. The young buds already are coated in this resin. CBD in higher share does not influence the output of resin.

On an average, this 1:1 ratio in Nebula II CBD medical strain is about 7% CBD and 6% THC. This makes Nebula II a well-balanced strain.
The amount of time taken for these plants to ripe is extremely short. A typical Nebula II CBD seed would take about 60 days to grow fully. The yield of these plants is also surprisingly good. The average yield of this plant is about 30 grams of dried buds per each plant. The plant height also reaches at least 55 to 60 cms after providing a whole week of vegetative growth.

You can expect a centered, well balanced, relaxing and pleasant effect from the yield of Nebula II CBD seed. Purchasing and planting of this seed is just like any other marijuana strain.


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