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Zkittlez feminized

About zkittlez feminized

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds General Info

Indica-dominant Zkittlez genetics combine with peppery terpenes and spicy flavors to create the ideal balance of euphoria and relaxation. Zkittlez’ THC content ranges from around 15-20% to add a colorful splash of visuals for a relaxed, slightly-psychedelic experience.

Genetic Legacy of Zkittlez

A collaboration between 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogs, Zkittlez mixes Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and a secret strain that only the breeders know about. Zkittlez is indica-dominant with a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio. Zkittlez is so uplifting that most new users can’t believe it’s 70% indica. Planting Zkittlez feminized seeds results in stalky medium-height plants with plump clusters of buds that form after a relatively short flowering period.

Zkittlez Appearance and Smell

Zkittlez bursts with the colors of Mardi Gras. Zkittlez buds pop with vibrant green hues punctuated by purple hints and yellow-orange hairs. The sweet, fruity fragrance of Zkittlez mixes with the peppery spice of caryophyllene terpenes to create a complex bouquet that excites the senses.

Zkittlez Effects on the Body

The simultaneously uplifting and relaxing effects of Zkittlez will make you feel like dancing to a Calypso beat. Add multi-colored visuals, and you’ll be right in step for Carnival season.

Zkittlez can help you set aside stress, depression, anxiety, and get moving. Medical Zkittlez users report positive results for migraines, chronic pain, and inflammation. The strain’s pain-relieving and relaxing properties will ease you right into the afterparty, ending in blissful slumber.

Is It Difficult to Grow Zkittlez?

Just like the inhabitants of a laid-back Caribbean island, Zkittlez is easy to grow and loves lots of sunlight. Too much humidity can rain on Zkittlez’ parade, so take it easy on the moisture. You can expect a medium to high-yield harvest in about 7 to 8 weeks with indoor or outdoor growing. Zkittlez feminized seeds yield around 500-700 grams per square meter for indoor harvests. Outdoor grows can yield up to 600 grams per plant.

Impatient growers will love Zkittlez’ short flowering period, but if you want to get more buds, let Zkittlez flower for an extra week. If you’re a seasoned cannabis grower, you couldn’t ask for a more versatile strain for breeding experiments.

What to Look for in Zkittlez Seeds

Invest in high-quality, feminized seeds, and growing Zkittlez will be like an ocean breeze. Pre-sexed seeds will keep you from wasting your time and risking your crop with pollen-producing male plants. The best Zkittlez seeds will be mature, chocolate brown with lighter-colored stripes and speckles. Avoid immature Zkittlez seeds that appear white or light green. Immature seeds will not germinate.

Grow Some Lively Zkittlez of Your Own!

When you’re ready to grow a zesty and festive cannabis strain, look no further than Zkittlez. A few tokes of Zkittlez is enough to make you want to do the Mardi Gras mambo. Check out our catalog, and buy your Zkittlez feminized seeds today!


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